Moments LikeThis

Don’t wait to make your son a great man – make him a great boy.  ~Author Unknown

There are times in our lives when we struggle. Either financially, spiritually or physically. For me that time is now. I am really having issues with seeing where my life is going. I am struggling with burdens from my past and burdens that haven’t even happened yet. I have been feeling very lost spiritually.

Today I felt very depressed but I slapped on my happy face and took my son (just turned 2) to the park. We played on the slide and ran around. We had a good time. Playing with my son had changed my mood a little and I decided to do a Mommy and Son night out. We loaded up in the car to drive to a restaurant for dinner. We talked back and forth as much as you can talk with a 2 year old. When we got to the restaurant he was so excited to get out and go eat. We ordered and sat down to eat our food. Watching my son try to eat his noodles and making a terrible mess just filled my heart with joy. He was trying very hard to be a big boy and sit at the table but he couldn’t reach finally he sat on my lap and we ate our dinner. Nothing really can turn your day around like taking selfies with a 2 year old at dinner and talking about stuff. I really don’t know what we talked about but it was an interesting conversation. Once we were done eating we were headed out the door and we passed the toy area. He stopped and wanted to play Rock’em, Sock’em Robots. Normally I would have said no and rushed out. But I wasn’t in a rush today we had no where to go so I said “Okay let’s play.” The joy and excitement on his face just melted my heart. We sat down and played for maybe 5 minutes and he was ready to go. All he wanted was 5 minutes. That is it. On a normal day I wouldn’t have been able to give him those 5 minutes..but why? Nothing is more important then letting my child have joy and be a child for 5 minutes. I was really starting to realize that in the rush of my day to day life, I was rushing something else. My time with my son. We only have them for a short while.

After dinner we went to the grocery store. Normally this is something I dread because though he isn’t a bad boy in the store it gets stressful with him wanting to eat everything in the cart and not understanding he can’t. Tonight was WONDERFUL. We went through the produce section and I asked him what he wanted and he TOLD me. We got the things that he wanted (they were on my list anyway) but I included him in my shopping instead of just dragging him along. While I had my back turned he grabbed a tomato out of our bag and started eating it. Normally this would have caused me major stress, but tonight I said what the heck. I grabbed an extra tomato to make sure we paid for what he ate. He was the HAPPIEST little boy in the store. People were shocked he was eating a tomato, like an apple and thought it was just great he loved them. He helped me put all the groceries in the cart and then when we were done. He put all the groceries up on the checkout. He even put them in the car when we got to the car. He was such a great helper.

Why am I talking about all of this. Well it brought me great peace and joy. It helped me to realize that my little boy won’t be little forever and that he is growing up. I am so proud of the little boy he is turning into. We still have some terrible 2 issues but he is getting to be a great little boy. So kind and helpful and smart.

I will remember to slow down my day to day life and enjoy my son because before I know it he will be off on his own.

I love you son!