Stay Tuned!!!

I will be adding a new focus to this blog! I am going to start making detailed recipes and shopping lists with pricing breakdowns for everyone to look at. I know most people say that eating healthy is just TOO expensive but I will be creating recipes that can be made very affordable and making sure they taste GOOD! I will be working on this for the next week or so and will be able to put some recipes up here soon after!


Happy Birthday to Me

How old would you be if you didn’t know how old you are? – Satchel Paige
Getting older really doesn’t bother me. I will be completely honest with you, I kind of love being in my 30’s. I know there are many people who dread turning 30 but for me it wasn’t really a big deal. Then again, getting older has never really been a big deal to me. Of course there were the main birthdays like when you turn 13, 18, 21 and 25. But these birthdays just mark milestones in your life. I believe you are only as old as you feel. I have met some people who are in their 50’s who are more full of life then people in their early 20’s.
It is a sad waste of life if you dwell on the things you can not change, like aging. Who wants to waste your years complaining about how old you are. Certainly not me. I will continue to live my life in the way that I feel is best for me and my family without worrying about what age I am.
Worrying about age puts a lot of limitations and pressure on people. When you are young the pressures are well I am 25 now, I should be married have a house with a white picket fence, 2.5 children and a perfect job. If you don’t have those things you start to get antsy and trying to get these things before society deems you to old. Sometimes you even settle for some person who will “work” and usually these people end up divorced or in really unhappy lives. We set limitations on ourselves as we age too. We decide that at a certain age we are to old for things, like going to college, changing careers, get the picture. Know this, you are NEVER to old!!
When you take away the age factor from your thinking you suddenly open yourself up to a whole new world. Take that class, find that dream job, jump out of a plane do whatever it is your heart desires because you are not to old, enjoy life.
For me I will be and do what I want and age isn’t going to stop me. I will continue on my path and I hope you do too. Find The Beauty Within.

Let’s Start Again..

I just went through this entire blog and deleted many entries. Perhaps because I wanted to start fresh or maybe it is because looking back on those entries I really had no idea what was to come. Either way, here I am starting over with what I want to tell everyone and how I want to get my message across. I have come to believe that being healthy isn’t just about having strong muscles and a spectacular diet. It is about inner peace and happiness too. If you struggle internally no amount of cardio, weight lifting and calorie counting can keep you on track for the rest of your life.

I struggled..I still struggle. In future blog posts I will go deeper into my struggles and how I work through them, but for now just know that….I struggle.

What can you expect from this blog.

Well for starters I am going to be real with you. If you don’t like that then you probably should stop reading right now. This journey is for me and ultimately my family, but if you want to come along with me then you are more than welcome too. I would love to hear about your journey as well. I will be talking about some basic things like how to cook some basic healthy meals. Healthy food you should always have on hand to make eating health easier. I will teach you about reading nutrition labels, I will talk to you about getting in some good workouts. I will have guest bloggers. I will talk about my struggles and I will talk about my successes. So if you would like to find The Beauty Within yourself, please join me.