About Stephanie

Welcome Friends! I have never been good at introductions so I am not promising greatness here, so this will be brief. Most of my adult life I have struggled with my weight. I have made many attempts to better my health in the past. I am generally and all or nothing kinda girl so every time I would start a journey to lose weight I would set myself up to fail. I would go hard and strict, usually only lasting a week or two at best. Over the years I have learned there is far more to a healthy lifestyle than simply exercising and eating better. Yes, those are key components. But like many other people for me there was a mental element to it. I know a lot about nutrition and exercise, in fact I have successfully helped several people achieve and maintain their weight loss. I could never make it click for myself. There was something deeper driving my spiral into obesity and unhealthy eating. I was always a happy person on the outside, however inside I was an emotional mess. Food had become my comfort and my joy. So I ate, and ate and then ate some more. Trying to quiet the feelings. In the end it wasn’t until I addressed those feelings head on that I finally was able to break past my cycle of binge eating and then feeling terrible and binge eating some more. My hope is that I will be able to help other people concur their emotional and mental road blocks to help them on a path to a healthier life. For me it isn’t about looking good in a swimsuit, it is about being healthy now and into my later years.


Health and Fitness with Stephanie

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